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A survey was conducted to determine whether enrollment in the required Fitness and Lifetime Activity courses at South Dakota State University had influenced members of the graduating classes of this institution in their selection of leisure time physical activities. Two hundred eight questionnaires were mailed to selected 1970 graduates of South Dakota State University and 206 to members of the 1972 class. Sixty-one percent of the questionnaires were received from the class of 1970, while a sixty-six percent rate of return was realized for the class of 1972. More than one-third of the respondents from both graduating classes (38% from the class of 1970, and 41% from the class of 1972) believed that their enrollment in the Fitness and Lifetime Activities Program had influenced their present participation levels in leisure time physical activities. Although men presently participate more frequently than women, more than half of the respondents of either sex actively engage in leisure time physical activities twice per week or more. Individual sport activities had the greatest amount of carry-over for the respondents.

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