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The purpose of this study was to determine the effect of mental practice, as a warm-up activity, on performance in shooting accuracy as measured by success in the execution of a fifteen foot jump shot at an angle of forty-five degrees. A second purpose was to determine whether a relationship existed between the change in shooting accuracy from pre-test to post-test and academic achievement as measured by each subject’s grade point average. The subjects were sophomore and junior members of the Roncalli High School basketball team of Aberdeen, South Dakota. They were divided into two groups through the use of a stratified random allocation procedure. The mental practice form f warm-up consisted of visual instruction, verbal instruction, and imaginary practice. Although the mental practice group experienced greater improvement than members of the control group, these gains in shooting accuracy were not significant at the .05 level. Although not significant (r7 .05=.67), there was a very low positive correlation (r=.21) between improvement in shooting accuracy and grade point averages among members of the mental practice group.

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