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The YA novel may be defined, then, as a work of fiction intended and published especially for readers between the ages of thirteen and eighteen. The distinction is to some degree an artificial one created by the realities of publishing. If a book is purchased by the juvenile division of a publishing company, it is presented as a YA novel. The same book might conceivably have been bought and published by the adult division of the same company, in which case it would be considered an adult book. There is some crossing back and forth across these artificial barriers. YA novels referred to in the following study were chosen on the basis of several criteria. Some were selected as representative of a particular period in the development of the YA novel. Most of the books from the past decade were chosen because of favorable reviews in nationally known publications such as the New York Times and Horn Book Magazine, inclusion on lists of outstanding YA books, and recognition through awards such as the Newberry Prize and the National Book Award. An attempt has also been made to include books that have been popular with readers for whom they are intended.

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