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Animal Science


Experiments were conducted in a study of in vitro boar semen storage. Yorkshire boars and Yorkshire-Hampshire crossbred gilts were used and were fed a 16.0% crude protein ration. The sperm-rich fraction of all ejaculates was collected by the gloved-hand technique at a minimum of 48-hr intervals. One experiment involved separating the seminal plasma from the spermatozoa cells within 30min after ejaculation by centrifugation (550 g for 7min) followed by two washings with a glucose-bicarbonate solution. The cells were resuspended in a glucose-bicarbonate solution. The cells were resuspended in a glucose-bicarbonate solution and in glucose-bicarbonate solution plus 20% egg yolk. Percent progressive motility, oxygen consumption, pH and occurrence of secondary abnormalities were observed at 0 hr and after 72 hr of storage at 15 C. The results suggested that twice washing and resuspension of spermatozoa in yolk-glucose-bicarbonate media may increase the length of in vitro survival and reversible progressive motility as compared to the unwashed controls. However, the high incidence of secondary abnormalities occurring during the washing process limits the usefulness of this technique. Another experiment was conducted to develop an inhibitory medium and collection technique for boar semen and to study the effect of this medium on in vitro survival and fertility. Reversible motility was optimum in a medium consisting of 1.6624 g KHC03, 0.8085 g NaHC03 and 1.900 g C6Ha07•H2O (citric acid). The above dry ingredients were placed in an insulated vacuum flask. Just prior to emission of the sperm-rich fraction, distilled water (100 ml) was added and the semen was collected directly into the medium. Conception rates of 85.7, 44.4 and 55.5%, resulted from semen stored in the inhibitory medium for O, 48 and 96 hr, respectively.

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