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Physical Education


The purpose of this study was to investigate the changes in selected cardiovascular fitness and body measurements of collegiate varsity basketball players during and following a season of training and competition.
The following hypothesis was investigated:
1. There is no significant change throughout a season of competitive varsity basketball in the variables of maximal oxygen uptake, leg strength, leg power, and percent body fat delimitation.

Limitations and delimination of the study:

1. The subjects used in this study were nine South Dakota State University basketball players.
2. Data were collected only on cardiovascular endurance leg strength, leg power, and percent body fat.
3. Five tests were given with an interval of approximately five weeks between tests with the exception of a ten week interval between the fourth and fifty tests due to extenuating circumstances. The first test was administered just prior to the start of preseason practice, and the last test was administered five weeks after the completion of the season.
4. It was not possible to control certain outside factors such as diet, sickness and minor injuries, lack of sleep due to staying up late to study for academic tests the night before tests were administered, and the emotional state of the players. If the investigator felt, however, that the problem could adversely affect the results, the test was postponed a day or two until the subject was able to give a true effort.

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