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Thesis - Open Access

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Master of Science (MS)

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Civil Engineering

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James N. Dornbush


Based on the need to monitor nitrates because of the 1977 modifications, as well as upon the original EPA provisions for ground water monitoring, the studies reported in this thesis were initiated. The objectives of this investigation were as follows: 1. To monitor four wells within the influence of the rapid infiltration pilot units, as well as two control wells located beyond the influence of the units, to determine any substantial changes in ground water quality, which might be attributed to the rapid infiltration pilot unit operation; 2. To specifically examine the nitrogen data collected from the perforated drains in 1977 to evaluate the potential for ground water contamination from nitrates and to determine the total nitrogen removal efficiencies of each of the pilot basins; and 3. To examine the areal ground water quality variations to determine if any future monitoring of the ground water through well-water samples could be justified, or if such monitoring might be more efficiently conducted through the samples collected from the perforated underdrains.

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Sewage -- Purification -- Infiltration
Water quality




South Dakota State University