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The rainfall of this portion of country not being sufficient, or if sufficient not uniformly distributed, it has become necessary to successful work in agriculture that provision be made for a system of irrigation which will tide agriculturists over a dry season or be a means of supply when most needed. Deeming it therefore a prime requisite to successful experimenting along agricultural lines, I thought of planning a system of irrigation which could be profitably and advantageously applied to the grounds of the South Dakota Agricultural College. My plan is simply to give drawings, data, cost and location of a system which will irrigate eighty acres of land by covering ten acres of land at a time with one inch of water; this requiring an amount of water which, under existing circumstances, will be all that can profitably be supplied during the interval of application of water. An inch of water seldom being needed, the entire surface may be flooded about once a month. The use of this supply when most needed together with our annual rainfall will certainly be an insurance against drought.

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Irrigation -- South Dakota
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