Leo F. Puhr

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Thesis - Open Access

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Master of Science (MS)

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A.N. Hume


From the review of the foregoing literature on flax, it is evident that little work has ever been done on the chemical composition of flax. Most of the work on flax up to the present time has been confined to the diseases of flax, principally the securing of varieties that are resistant to wilt. In an attempt to secure information in regard to the factors affecting the physical characteristics and chemical composition of flaxseed the following work has been done in this experiment: 1. The effect of time of harvesting upon physical characteristics of the seed. 2. The relation of the time of harvesting to the quantity and drying properties of the oil. 3. The effect of time of harvesting upon the nitrogen and carbohydrate content of the seed. 4. The variation in oil content due to varietal differences. 5. The influence of the date of planting to the oil content of flaxseed. 6. The effect of the previous cropping system to the oil content of flaxseed.

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Linseed oil




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