Leon J. Tyler

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Thesis - Open Access

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Master of Science (MS)

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B.A. Kleock


  1. Treatment with ethylene chlorhydrin produced marked results in the respiration of four of five varieties of sweet potatoes tried.
  2. Not all varieties of sweet potatoes respond alike to the same treatment. Porto Rico variety of sweet potatoes did not respond to the treatment.
  3. There was a considerable difference in the amount of CO2 respired by different varieties.
  4. The need for further research here with respect to the specific effect of chemicals upon the cell system becomes apparent and again emphasizes the importance of Biochemistry.
  5. There was possibly an accelerative effect on sprouting due to increased respiratory processes brought about by treatment with ethylene chlorhydrin. However, further experimentation on sprouting of treated sweet potatoes will be necessary as the writer has not carried out sprouting experiments on a broad enough scale to warrant specific conclusions. Different concentrations of chemicals, long and short periods of exposure for all varieties of sweet potatoes are needed before the practicability and economic importance of such experiments can be determined.

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Plants -- Respiration
Sweet potatoes




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