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In Heimlich’s recent paper (2) on the staminate flower of Cucumis sativus, the conclusion was reached that the tetrasporangiate stamen was complete while the bisporangiate stamen was only half complete. In Miller’s more recent investigation of Schinocystis lobata (4), the bisporangiate stamen was shown to be complete and the tetrasporangiate stamen double. These opposing points of view suggest the advisability of further investigation in the Cucurbitaceae. Since Heimlich described two separate apical prolongations on each tetrasporangiate stamen and only one on the bisporangiate stamen, it seemed to the present writer that these prolongations might indicate the double and single natures of tetrasporangiate and bisporangiate stamens respectively, particularly if they should be found to be the earliest stamen indicators in the embryonic flower. Therefore a reexamination of the Cucumis flower was undertaken.

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