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Dissertation - University Access Only

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Degree Name

Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)

Department / School

Plant Science

First Advisor

Dale L. Reeves


A modified single seed descent (SSD) was adopted for this study. F2 seed of five crosses was advanced two cycles using three different stresses, (temperature, population density, and crown rust) in the greenhouse and growth chamber. The F5 seed and the parents were planted in 30.5 cm rows at two locations. Data were recorded on the number of plants per row, heading date, plant height, number of tillers, dry weight, and seed yield. The percentage of plants with seeds demonstrated that increasing numbers of genotypes were lost as population density stress was increased. After two cycles of SSD, the percentage of plants producing seed was 85 and 73 for planting rates of 80 and 160 /pot respectively. The low temperature needed fewer days to head than other stresses in both cycles. Density stresses had little effect on heading date in the greenhouse. Significant differences were observed for heading date at 0.05 probability level for the different stresses. There were also significant differences for heading date for cross x stress interaction. There was a significant location x cross interaction for heading date, plant height, yield, dry weight, and number of tillers. No significant location x cross x stress interaction occurred for any of the traits studied. Means and variances for plant height, yield, dry weight, and number of tillers for the progenies of the crosses advanced under different stresses were not different leading to the conclusion that genotypes were eliminated at random for those traits when using these stresses with SSD procedure. However, low density for the cross Settler/Steele shifted the heading date slightly.

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Oats -- Breeding
Oats -- Habitat
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