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Thesis - University Access Only

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Master of Science (MS)

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Counseling and Human Development

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Jan Eriksen


The purpose of this study was to determine whether student participation in EdFn 143 predicted academic achievement. Both overall GPA and performance in Sociology 100 were used as measures of achievement. Contributions of ACT score, high school class rank, declared/undeclared major status, and gender to academic achievement were also investigated. To evaluate the effectiveness of EdFn 143, a stratified random sample of new freshman students who attempted at least 12 credits Spring semester 1992 and reported both high school class rank and ACT scores was drawn. This sample was stratified to match the proportions of students in the treatment group who had scored at specified levels on the ACT test. Multiple linear regression analysis determined how much variance in the criterion variable of Spring GPA was accounted for by the independent variables of ACT score, high school rank, gender, declared/undeclared major status and completion of EdFn 143. Logistical regression analysis was used to determine if any of the independent variables were significant predictors of achievement in Sociology 100 for Spring semester 1992. A two-variable model using high school class rank and composite ACT score accounted for 36.6% of the variance in Spring semester 1992 GPA. Completion of EdFn 143 accounted for an additional 1.2 % of the variance. All three of these variables were significant at the .01 level. Gender and declared/undeclared major status were not significant predictors of Spring semester 1992 GPA. Similarly, high school class rank and ACT score were significant predictors at the .01 level of grade in Sociology 100. Completion of EdFn 143, gender, and declared/undeclared major status were not significant predictors of grade in Sociology 100. The results of this study indicated that completion of EdFn 143 was a factor in overall achievement. Completion of EdFn 143 did not seem to be a factor in achievement in a specific course. Further research is necessary to assess the effectiveness of EdFn 143 in assisting student achievement in specific courses.

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South Dakota State University -- Curricula
Prediction of scholastic success
Academic achievement
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