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Although a number of feeding experiences have been conducted during the past few years to determine the feeding value of corn fodder, corn silage, and alfalfa hay as preliminary feeds for fattening cattle, and results of same have been published, there seems however, to be no available information on the results of the feeding value of stacked green corn for this purpose. Information regarding the latter has, however, been sought by many feeders, and a number of inquiries as to the feeding value of stacked green corn are received every year by this Experiment Station. It is evident, therefore, that considerable interest is taken in this subject, For the purpose of securing some data on the value of this feed, it was thought advisable to conduct an experiment along this line in cattle feeding. As a means of a check and a comparison of feeds, corn silage, corn fodder and alfalfa hay were chosen as feeds for the other lots in the experiment. Each lot of five steers received separate feeds during the preliminary feeding period; but al the lots were fed the same ration from the beginning of the final feeding period and until the steers were ready for the market.

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