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Graduate Nursing

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Donna Loy Ritter


Pretest and posttest questionnaires were designed and administered to a nonrandom sample of 29 senior nursing students, enrolled in a directed studies experience at a selected institution. The questionnaires gathered data which, through testing with the Analysis of Variance, attempted to predict the effects of selected aspects of a directed studies experience on nursing students' perceived ability to complete nursing behaviors. The independent variables were selected aspects of the directed studies experience including participation in nursing activities, satisfaction with amount of participation in nursing activities, understanding of professional role, and satisfaction with the directed studies experience as_ a whole. The dependent variable was performance of nursing behaviors including leadership, critical care, teaching/ collaboration, planning/evaluation, IPR/communication, and professional development.
Twenty-four null hypotheses were generated. Three of the variables were found to be significant at the .05 level of probability. These variables were amount of participation in teaching/collaboration activities, satisfaction with the amount of participation in critical care activities, and performance of critical care activities as related to understanding the professional role.

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