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I respectfully submit this investigation and thesis to the committee of Master of Science, realizing that a long time is needed for proving any scientific principle no matter how large or small that truth may be. I have labored patiently for the last two years trying to find what part inheritance takes in lowering the yield of tubers in this state. I found that inheritance plays an important part in lowering the yield. I also found that there was a direct relationship of size of seed piece to yield, and that possibly the low yield of today is due to planting small and cull tubers. I also found that there was a direct relationship of the physiological structure to the docking quality and flavor. Thanks are due to Dr. A. N. Hume, for many kindly helps in the way of corrections and suggestions. Acknowledgement is hereby made to Samuel Frazer, and various experiment stations and workers for statistics and other information taken from their bulletins and incorporated into this investigation and thesis for the benefit of the potato growers of South Dakota

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