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Effects of aldrin on young pheasants were studied under semi-natural conditions in four one-acre enclosures during the summer of 1968. The center two-thirds of each plot was planted in corn; remaining peripheral cover was maintained in smooth brome and alfalfa. Prior to planting, center portions of two plots were sprayed with 2 pounds of aldrin per acre on Hay 20, while remaining plots served as controls. On June 12, four family units consisting of two broody pheasant hens and two bantam hens with 15 three-day-old chicks each were confined in plots. Hens and broods were given free run 10 days later. Beginning with birds 19 days of age, two to three were collected weekly from each plot for food habits and insecticide analysis. Several birds found dead were also analyzed. Whole-body analysis of aldrin and dieldrin residues for 47 treated birds from 16 to 92 days of age and 12 control birds from 19 to 68 days of age was completed with electron capture gas chromatography. Wet-weight concentrations of aldrin and dieldrin combined ranged from 0.06 - 0.10 and averaged 0.07 ppm for control birds, and 0.11 - 1.26 and 0.38 ppm for treated birds. No relationship was found between length of exposure and tissue concentration. However highest concentrations for both treated plots occurred in tissue of birds 61 days of age. Analysis of nine feather samples suggested uropygial secretions as one source of dieldrin residues in feathers. Despite close association with treated habitat and below normal weights, no mortality could be attributed to the insecticide application. Residue concentrations were comparable to residues reported for wild pheasants in South Dakota. However, extrapolation of these findings to wild conditions is difficult.

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