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Thirteen species and large standing crops of fish were found in Blue Cloud Abbey Pond and Labolt Pond, South Dakota. Adult population was estimated to be 5184 fish in Abbey Pond and 5016 in Labolt Pond. Composition of the populations differed. Black crappies were most numerous in Abbey Pond; white crappies, in Labolt Pond. Total standing crop of adult fish in Abbey Pond (573.1 kg/ha) was slightly greater than in Labolt Pond (550.6 kg/ha). Black crappies in Abbey Pond and white suckers in Labolt Pond were the species with highest standing crops. Growth of fish was more rapid in Labolt Pond. Growth was slow the first year compared to other ponds, and greatest for most fish the second year. Coefficients of condition of fish in both ponds were relatively high but generally highest in Abbey Pond. Based on observations and a study of the population structures, both ponds are thought to be insufficiently harvested.

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Fish ponds -- South Dakota
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