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Each year the South Dakota Cooperative Ex¬tension Service receives many questions concern¬ing the legality of land lease agreements. South Dakota law addresses many aspects of land rental arrangements. The material in this publication is presented only as a guideline or reference. This material is presented with the understanding and intent that the authors are not providing legal ser-vices. South Dakota codified law has specific sec¬tions and language that pertain to agricultural and grazing leases. The following information is not intended to be an all-inclusive list of all provi¬sions of South Dakota law governing agricultural and grazing leases, but is provided as reference material only. This material was obtained from the South Dakota Legislative Research Coun¬cil Web page at The information in this publication is believed to be current as of the date of publi¬cation. Readers are cautioned to check with an attorney regarding any changes to the legal code governing agricultural and grazing leases. If legal advice relative to a problem is desired, the services of a competent attorney should be obtained.