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moisture content, forages, microwave oven

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ExEx 8077


Plant Science


Knowing the moisture content of forages at the time of harvest and storage is essential for making and preserving high-quality hay and silage. Knowing the moisture content of stored forages is important for accurate ration formulation. A squeeze test, which involves squeezing forage into a ball and then guessing the moisture content, is a common method of determination. This method is rapid, but it lacks precision. Resistance-type moisture testers estimate moisture as a measure of electrical resistance. These devices provide estimates rapidly, but they usually are expensive (about $100 to $150) and vary in accuracy. A portable, electric drying unit also is available and is fairly accurate, but it requires at least 30 minutes before readings can be taken. Using a microwave oven to determine moisture content is advantageous because it dries forage in a minimum amount of time and can provide accurate results. The following procedure describes how to use a microwave oven for moisture determination. This is a good option for producers who do not want to purchase expensive moisture testers.


Updated June 2002