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Pesticides alone will not eliminate all mosquitoes. The use of pesticides to control mosquitoes around the home and yard must be part of a multifaceted approach that includes the following non-chemical tactics: • Eliminate standing water. • Fix broken window screens. • Use outdoor bug lights. • Installing carbon dioxide-baited traps. Some mosquitoes will always “get through.” If you will be outdoors, it is recommended that you wear a mosquito repellent of your choice, avoid being outdoors around sunset and sunrise, and cover as much skin as possible with appropriate clothing. For more information on selection and use of insect repellents, refer to FS 920 Personal Mosquito Repellents available at your local Extension office or online at This publication lists the most common insecticides that are registered in South Dakota for use around the house and yard. The products are arranged by the active ingredient. The active ingredient is usually listed prominently in the first section of the label. This section will list the chemical name and/or the common name of the pesticide and also the concentration. This list was current as of June 2004, but label uses and registrations change. Before using any pesticide, be sure to read the entire label to ensure that the product can be used for mosquitoes, can be applied around the home and yard, and to be sure all safety restrictions are followed. For more information, refer to FS 923 Controlling Mosquitoes Around the Home and Yard.