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forage grass variety, performance trials, south dakota

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ExEx 8158


Plant Science


Establishment and management A summary of location, planting date and seeding rates is given in Tables 1 and 2. Plots were 3 feet and 20 feet long and planted with a plot planter with a cone seeder (Carter Manufacturing, Brookston, IN). Each plot contained 5 rows with 6-inch spacings. Each location had a randomized complete block design replicated four times. Varieties were randomized and blocked by species to account for physiological developmental differences. Winter injury was scored for each plot at the onset of growth in the spring and was based on a visual assessment with a ranking of 1= no injury; 6 = completely dead plants. In the future, stage of maturity at harvest for all cultivars and species will be determined using the mean-stage-by-count Kalu and Fick (1981, Crop Science 21:267-271) adapted to perennial grasses by Moore et al. (1993, Agronomy Journal 83:1073-1077).