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threshold levels, business thresholds south dakota, rural counties, micropolitan counties

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ExEx 9005


Sociology and Rural Studies


South Dakota, the land of infinite variety—while the statement is a bit of an exaggeration, the differ¬ences that occur are extreme. The state has two met¬ropolitan areas: Rapid City, classified as “government dependent,” and Sioux Falls, classified as “service dependent.” In addition, there are nine micropolitan counties (counties with cities with populations over 10,000), and analysis shows nine counties where over half the population is American Indian. While South Dakota is home to nine reservations, four reservations are in counties where the majority population is white. This study compares business threshold levels in counties with Indian majorities, other rural coun¬ties, micropolitan counties, and the entire state. Four reservations are not included in this analysis because of a white majority in those counties. Demographic changes may allow a more inclusive grouping in the future.