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range cattle, acute interstitial pneumonia (aip), abpee, fog fever

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ExEx 11008


Veterinary and Biomedical Sciences


AIP is an acute respiratory disease of range cattle that occurs following movement from poor pasture to lush pasture/forage. Yearlings are less susceptible than mature cows, and calves are almost never affected. It appears that sheep (and horses) are not susceptible or are much less susceptible to AIP. The disease occurs within 10 days of movement to improved forage. Pastures of any sort (grass or legume) as well as annual crops (corn, sudan grass, etc.) can support AIP. AIP also can be seen when animals preferentially graze lush growth in lowland meadows or water discharge areas, even if the remainder of the pasture is not exceptionally green. It is the “lushness” and abrupt change that is important, not the forage species. Unfortunately, no work has been done to better define “lushness” or to determine risk of AIP under field conditions.


Updated January 2006