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food dollar, financial restraints, economic stress

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Consumer Sciences


According to the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics, only 12 to 14% of our income is used to pay for food. We get a lot of bang for our buck. However, that buck may not have the purchasing power it once had because of economic stress. When families are faced with economic stress, one has to make decisions that will stretch the family’s food dollar. Stretching your food dollar comes as a result of getting your meal planning under control. Families are very busy, and in many instances both parents are working outside the home. Children have hectic schedules, too. Feeding everyone a nutritious and affordable meal is difficult under such circumstances. Our busy life styles are a key factor in contributing to increased food costs. Consider the types of foods you are buying. Are they convenience foods or foods prepared at home? How many times a month are you eating out? Taking action to stretch that food dollar may enable you and your family to enjoy a healthier lifestyle.


Updated June 2009