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natural captial, community capitals, natural resources

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Natural capital consists of all the natural resources available to a community. Examples include water, air, soil, biodiversity, and landscape. These natural resources may be scarce or they may be found in abundance in your community. Natural capital adds to the richness of our communities. Depending on where you live, you may benefit from wildlife habitats, wind power, water resources, and fertile soil ideal for farming and ranching. Or you may have resources like minerals, timber, oil, and natural gas. In its purest form, natural capital is something that already exists and is not made by human hands. These natural assets not only add to the beauty of where we live, but also affect the economy, as they attract visitors and new residents who increase sales revenue and create business opportunities. Remember, capital is defined as a resource that is capable of producing additional resources. It can be enhanced, changed, used, or used up.


Updated April 2011