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leadership, meetings, manageable meetings

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ExEx 16013


At one time or another, we have all answered the call to civic duty by serving on a committee or advisory board. For some, the experience has been productive and energizing. For others, the experience has been painful, marked by long meetings that are unorganized and frustrating. Good meetings don’t just happen; they require thoughtful planning and implementation. In fact, meeting quality is often a critical component used in measuring the effectiveness of a particular group. Potential members are often aware of the “meeting history” that a particular group has—thus influencing their willingness to become members. The ability to organize and lead productive meetings can increase the amount of business completed by a group. This skill set will save the group time and improve the participation level of group members. Successfully implementing a meeting agenda and managing group discussion are skills that group leaders must demonstrate in order to successfully conduct effective and manageable meetings. Meetings are not difficult to plan. The following steps will insure a successful meeting format.