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bulls, nutrition, seedstock producers, feeding programs

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ExEx 2065


Agricultural and Biosystems Engineering


Bull nutrition is often overlooked by many producers, except when problems arise. Bulls are often managed as one group even though there may be large differences in age, size, and body condition. Seedstock producers are the primary individuals managing the development program of bulls being sold. For commercial producers, feeding programs usually include feeding purchased bull(s) from delivery until the breeding season and bulls retained from one breeding season to the next. The debate over the correct method for developing bulls is not settled: Should you develop bulls at a moderate rate of gain? Or should you develop bulls on a ration that is capable of supporting high rates of gain so genetic differences can be measured for selection and marketing purposes? Bulls put into many bull test stations are placed on rations to support high rates of gain. Many seedstock producers have established specific feeding programs to fit the desired animal performance (where bulls show their genetic potential and are cost efficient).


May 2008.