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Bill Nibbelink worked on Tom Daschle’s first two campaigns for the U.S. House of Representatives in 1978 and 1980. He also worked out of Daschle’s Mobile Service Office that provided constituent service for the eastern 22 counties in South Dakota. The collection primarily consists of alcohol fuel publications, constituent robo letters, photographs, and campaign materials including a recount handbook.

Historical Note

Bill Nibbelink received his journalism degree from South Dakota State University in 1975 and then worked for the Moody County Enterprise newspaper. He met Daschle through the SDSU Democrats and worked for him during Daschle’s first two campaigns for the United States House of Representatives. Nibbelink designed campaign brochures and posters because the Door-to-Door campaign had very few campaign funds. Nibbelink was the Daschle representative on the Moody County recount board for the contested 1978 election.

Nibbelink worked in Daschle’s Mobile Service Office providing constituent service for 22 counties in eastern South Dakota after Daschle was elected to Congress. Tom Daschle came back to South Dakota for two weekends every month and Nibbelink did all of the driving for him using the Mobile Service Office, a van converted to an office.

Bill Nibbelink also assisted Daschle in his early efforts to promote the development and use of alcohol fuel. Nibbelink helped develop pamphlets and books to distribute, and worked with Dave Billion in Sioux Falls to convert a Pontiac station wagon to run on pure ethanol.

Since working for Daschle, Nibbelink has been involved with Native American housing and tribal affairs, and was Executive Director of the Santee Housing Authority for fifteen years. In 1996 he started his own management firm, Bill Nibbelink & Associates, writing and administering grants for American Indian housing and serving as an advocate in Washington. He was appointed to the Native American & Alaska Native Housing Commission which was instrumental in the passage of the Native American Housing Assistance and Self Determination Act of 1996.

Content Notes

The collection is primarily composed of publications and materials related to the development and promotion of alcohol fuels in South Dakota, assorted campaign memorabilia as well as the Moody County recount handbook for the contested congressional election in 1978. Constituent robo letters, South Dakota trip schedules, and a number of photographs are also included.

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