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The Athletic Committee advised the Athletic Department on all matters pertaining to the athletic program. This collections is comprised of minutes of the meetings from 1951-1966.

Historical Note

The Athletic Committee was “charged with the following duties: to advise on all matters pertaining to the athletic program. The Chairman to represent State University as faculty representative to the North Central Intercollegiate Athletic Association.” according to May 5, 1966 memo from Stanley J Marshall to the “Committee on Committees.” Minutes indicate the 8 to 14 members present approved athletic budgets, athletic schedules, athletic rules (including eligibility to play), ticket prices, seating policies, criteria for and recipients of athletic awards, purchase of athletic equipment and uniforms, out-of-state trips and payment for both students and staff, promotion plans, vending machine placement, post-season athletic schedules and events, non-athletic use of athletic facilities, smoking at games, etc. They discussed various policies, including “relationship between scholarship and athletics” and proposed policies of “Commission on College and Universities” (1954). In addition, they requested of the Student Association student fees for athletics. They, at times, approved for specific athletes the payment of medical expenses not covered by insurance for injuries occurred during sport, as well as contact lenses (1952 & 1955).

Content Notes

Comprised of the minutes of the meetings of the Athletic Committee from 1951 thru 1966 (some minutes are missing), as well as the annual detailed Athletic Budget from 1951-52 thru 1965-66 (1957-1958 budget is missing); beginning in 1961-62, these budgets included “spreadsheets” with the detailed actual expenditures/receipts from the previous three years. Also, includes some materials related to meetings. Most materials are either onion-skin carbon copies or mimeographed copies.

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