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The Biology and Microbiology Department at offers Undergraduate and Graduate degrees in Biological Science. The collection is composed of publications generated by the Biology and Microbiology Department, included are pamphlets, newsletters, and posters.

Historical Note

Instruction in the biological sciences began at South Dakota State University in 1885. The first student to graduate in that area did so in 1888. In 1897, when departments were first established on campus, biology was not included. Courses were taught in a number of related fields however through a number of departments including zoology, botany and entomology, to name a few. An independent Department of Biology was not established until 1980, although the Department of Botany and Biology had existed since 1966.

Today, the Biology and Microbiology Department offers curricula leading to the Bachelor's degree with a major in biology. The undergraduate biology major has two different programs from which to choose: the curriculum in Biological Sciences, College of Agriculture and Biological Sciences, or the curriculum in Arts and Science. The two programs are identical except for the individual college's requirements. Students majoring in biology will select among four areas of emphasis depending upon their particular interest and needs: 1) The Biology emphasis prepares a students to work in a large variety of areas of the biological sciences; 2) The Botany emphasis concentrates on the scientific study of plants providing for professions in plant research and industry; 3) the Zoology emphasis highlights the scientific study of animal life and provides the basis for many related disciplines such as medicine and health sciences, veterinary science, and oceanography; and 4) the Pre-professional emphasis is designed for students planning on admission into professional, health science programs.

Content Notes

Composed of material published by the Biology and Microbiology Department, included are pamphlets, newsletters, and posters.

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