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These files contain source code and sample data associated with the article, Development and Evaluation of a New Algorithm for Detecting 30m Land Surface Phenology from VIIRS and HLS Time Series.

To run the software, the inputs in both example-1 file and example-2 file should be put to one single directory.

Downloadable files:

  1. readme.txt
  2. (994.3 MB)
  3. (902.2 MB)
  4. Input_example.txt
  5. input_description.txt
  6. HLS_VIIRS_shape_fusion.exe
  7. HLS_VIIRS_shape_fusion.c
  8. makefile

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NASA Contract No: 80NSSC18K0626


Copyright © 2020 Xiaoyang Zhang (1018188 kB)
Example 1 File Set (923912 kB)
Example 2 File Set

input_example.txt (2 kB)
Input Example

input_description.txt (1 kB)
Input Description

HLS_VIIRS_shape_fusion.exe (142 kB)
HLS_VIIRS_shape _fusion application

HLS_VIIRS_shape_fusion.c (20 kB)
HLS_VIIRS_shape _fusion C file

makefile (1 kB)
makeme file