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Book Review


Diane Kayongo-Male, reviewer
People, Land, and Community
Hildegarde Hannum

Elizabeth Evenson Williams, reviewer
Contested Countryside Cultures: Otherness, Marginalisation, and Rurality
Paul Cloke and Jo Little, editors

Janet Kelly Moen, reviewer
Changing Rural Social Systems: Adaptation and Survival
Nan E. Johnson and Ching-li Wang, editors

Carol J. Cumber, reviewer
Rural Employment: An International Perspective
Ray D. Bollman and John M. Bryden, editors

Laura Colmenero, reviewer
Writing the Range: Race, Class, and Culture in the Women's West
Elizabeth Jameson and Susan Armitage, editors

William J. Swart, reviewer
Harvest of Rage: Why Oklahoma City is Only the Beginning
Joel Dyer

Ellen Baird, reviewer
Two-Spirited People: Native American Gender Identity, Sexuality, and Spirituality
Sue-Ellen Jacobs

Henry B. Sirgo, reviewer
How to Choose? A Comparison of the U.S. and Canadian Health Care System
Robert Chernomas and Ardeshir Sepehri

Elizabeth A. Gill, reviewer
Social Organization of Medical Work
Anselm L. Strauss, Shizuko Fagerhaugh, Barbara Suczek, and Carolyn Wiener

Kathryn B. Anderson, reviewer
Researching Sexual Violence Against Women: Methodological and Personal Perspectives
Martin D. Schwartz

Susan L. Schader, reviewer
The Elderly Living Alone in America: A Portrait
Susan Elizabeth White

Geoffrey Grant, reviewer
Time for Life: The Surprising Ways Americans Use Their Time
John P. Robinson and Geoffrey Godbey

Morten G. Ender, reviewer
Emotions in Life: Critical Themes and Contemporary Issues
Gillian Bendelow and Simon J. Williams

Jack Neimonen, reviewer
Habermas and the Unfinished Project of Modernity: Critical Essays on the Philosophical Discourse of Modernity
Maurizio Passerin d'Entreves and Seyla Benhabib

Milton Rhodes, reviewer
G.H. Mead: A Contemporary Re-examination of His Thought
Hans Joas

Mary Warner, reviewer
The Order of Ritualism: The Interpretation of Everyday Life
Hans-Georg Soeffner

Kathi Rangel-Wrono, reviewer
The Forest and the Trees: Sociology as Life, Practice and Promise
Allan G. Johnson



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