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Reviewer: Diane Kayongo-Male
Reinventing Identities: The Gendered Self in Discourse
Mary Bucholtz, A.C. Liang, and Laurel A. Sutton

Reviewer: Janet Kelly Moen
The Web of Politics: The Internet's Impact on the American Political System
Richard Davis

Reviewer: James H. Larson
Reinventing the Wheel: Marx, Durkheim and Comparative Criminology
Ni He. Lanham

Reviewer: Robert Thompson
New Historical Atlas of Religion in America
Edwin S. Gaustad and Philip L. Barlow

Reviewer: Carol J. Cumber
One Market Under God: Extreme Capitalism, Market Populism, and the End of Economic Democracy
Thomas Frank

Reviewer: Elizabeth Gill
Runaway World: How Globalization is Reshaping Our Lives
Anthony Giddens

Reviewer: Jon Flanagin
Marx and Sociobiology
George A. Huaco

Reviewer: Mary H. Warner
Bad Kids: Race and the Transformation of the Juvenile Court
Barry C. Field

Reviewer: Venita M. Quamme
Toward Sustainable Communities: Transition and Transformations in Environmental Policy
Daniel A. Mazmanian and Michael E. Kraft, eds.

Reviewer: John S. Hurley
The First Measured Century: An Illustrated Guide to Trends in America, 1900-2000

The First Measured Century. PBS Home Video, 2000, 2 videocassettes: 180 minutes $29.98

"The First Measured Century" [website] www.pbs.org/fmc Free Access
Theodore Caplow

Reviewer: James L. Foster, III
Working Hard and Making Do: Surviving in Small Town America
Margaret K. Nelson and Joan



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