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This paper discusses how grass-root workers in large bureaucratic organizations can organize and thereby force democratic changes in the workplace when it has a vertical power structure and an authoritarian leadership. The kinds of organizations we are considering are large factories and similar organizations where a majority of the members are manual or low skilled workers. When we discuss leaders, we are primarily considering the management leadership, but under some circumstances also top-leaders when it is relevant. The paper will first define and discuss the relationship between democracy, bureaucracy, power, leadership, vertical power, and authoritarian leadership. Second, we will discuss how workers can organize and force democratic changes within the workplace; thereby reduce leaders' power sources and power bases that permit leaders to manipulate the behavior of workers. In this context, we will closely examine how democratic changes forced by grass-root workers influence each power source and power base controlled by leaders. Third, we will discuss the consequences the democratization process has on grass-root workers' job situation and the organization (workplace) as a whole; including the bureaucratic structure, the authoritarian leadership style and the vertical power system. Forth, we end with a short conclusion.



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