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Book Reviews


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Book Review


Geoffrey W. Grant
Crime in Biological, Social, and Moral Contexts
Lee Ellis and Harry Hoffnan (Eds.)

Thomas C. Langham
Sociological Practice: Community Development and Other Community Applications, Volume 8
Alvin S. Lackey (Ed.)

Jerome R. Rosonke
Mirrors of Madness: Patrolling the Psychic Border
Bruce Luske

Kathleen A. Tiemann
Social Control and Deviance: A Critical Approach
Nanette J. Davis and Clarice Stasz

Harry Hoffman
Can Modernity Survive?
Agnes Heller

Janet Kelly Moen
Basics of Qualitative Research: Grounded Theory Procedures and Techniques
Anselm Strauss and Juliet Corbin

Patricia Ann Wasely Lomir
The Sociology of Gender
Laura Kramer (Ed.)

John Flanagin
Maiginal Conventions: Popular Culture, Mass Media and Social Deviance
Clinton R. Sanders (Ed.)

Book Noted: The Rural Church in America: A Century of Writings by Gary Goreham



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