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The purpose of this research note is to encourage both students and faculty to critically evaluate assumptions regarding the limited coverage of "women and crime" topics in contemporary criminology textbooks. The specific objectives are 1) to briefly review the research findings of Richard A. Wright's 1987 article entitled "Are Sisters in Crime Finally Being Booked? The Coverage of Women and Crime in Journals and Textbooks"; 20 to evaluate the coverage of female related topics in 631 articles form Criminology: An Interdisciplinary Journal -- The Official Publication of the American Society of Criminology, (1970-1989); 3) to critique a variety of explanations for the apparent exclusion of "women and crime" topics from criminology texts; and 4) to offer several recommendations for the inclusion of a feminist perspective in criminology courses so that the faculty may compensate for the inadequacies of present texts. The basic premise upon which this paper is built is that increased consciousness of feminist issues may encourage a revision of belief systems and consequently actualize a restructuring of criminology textbooks in the future.



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