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Book Review


Keith Fernsler
Crime and Justice in Two Societies: Japan and the United States
Ted D. Westerman and James W. Burfeind

Kathleen A. Tiemann
Images of Issues: Typifying Contemporary Social Problems
Joel Best (ed.)

Jon Flanagin
The Age of Information
Stephen Saxby

Geoffrey Grant
Breaking Chains: Social Movements and Collective Action Comparative Urban and Community Research, Vol. 3
Michael Peter Smith (ed.)

Harlowe G. Hatle
Military Organizations, Complex Machines: Modernization in the U.S. Armed Services
Chris C. Demchak

Terry E. Huffman
Ethnic Identity: The Transformation of White America
Richard D. Alba

Thomas C. Lanham
Sacred Cows and Hot Potatoes: Agrarian Myths in Agricultural Policy
William P. Browne, et al.

Patricia Ann Wasely Lomire
Soviet Society Under Perestroika
David Lane

Janet Kelly Moen
A Case for the Case Study
Joe R. Feagin, Anthony M. Orum, and Gideon Sjoberg

Teresa Stallings
A Statistical Package (ASP)
DMC Software

Joy M. Query
Creating Sociological Awareness
Anselm Strauss

B. Diane Miller
The Everyday World As Problematic: A Feminist Sociology
Dorothy E. Smith

Rita Kolle
Waiting: The Whites of South Africa
Vincent Crapanzano



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