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The purpose of this paper is to examine the increased role animal-rights organizations play in shaping attitudes and regulations that impact the long term viability of rural economies. The animal-rights movement is comprised of a highly diversified, often secretive, loosely linked network of groups. This creates a certain amount of difficulty in describing "first hand" the attitudes, values, and goals of these groups. A variety of animal production and other animal based industries were examined in terms of their contribution to rural, as well as state, economies. Secondary data analysis was performed on several sociological, animal rights, hunting and trapping, and agricultural texts, journals, and articles, which are cited throughout the text and in the bibliography. In addition telephone and personal interviews were used to gain additional information and insights. A discussion of new social movements and the appropriateness of including the animal-rights movement within this framework is developed. The research indicates conditions within the social structure conducive to violent and nonviolent conflict between animal rights advocates and members of the community engaged in animal production as well as other animal related activities. In addition, the research suggests the animal-rights movement is having, and will continue to have, an impact on those segments of the economy related to animal production, and/or utilization.



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