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Book Review


Geoffrey Grant
The Poverty Debate: Politics and the Poor in America
C. Emory Burton

Stewart E. Kelly
Beyond Individualism
Jack Crittenden

Thomas C. Langham
Rural Communities: Legacy and Change
Cornelia Butler Flora, Jan L. Flora, Jacqueline D. Spears, and Louis E. Swanson

Patricia Ann Wasely Lomire
Next of Kin: An International Reader on Changing Families
Lorne Tepperman and Susannah J. Wilson (eds.)

B. Diane Miller
The Human Difference: Animals, Computers, and the Necessity of Social Science
Alan Wolfe

Janet Kelly Moen
The Cultures of Work Organizations
Harrison M. Trice and Janice M. Beyer

George Nielson
Emergent Issues in Education: Comparative Perspectives
Robert F. Arnove, Philip G. Altbach, and Gail P. Kelly (eds.)

Jack Niemonen
Social Stratification and Socioeconomic Inequality, Volume 1: A Comparative Biosocial Analysis
Lee Ellis (ed.)

Curtis W. Stofferahn
The Socioeconomics of Sustainable Agriculture: An Annotated Bibliography
Gary A. Goreham, David L. Watt, and Roy M. Jacobsen

Sue T. Wika
Japanese Social Organization
Takie Sugiyama Lebra

Elizabeth Evenson Williams
The "New Woman" Revised: Painting and Gender Politics on Fourteenth Street
Ellen Wiley Todd



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