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Janet Kelly Moen, reviewer
The Changing American Countryside: Rural People and Places
Emery N. Castle, editor

Diane Kayongo-Male, reviewer
Harvest of Hope: Family Farming/Farming Families
Lorraine Garkovich, Janet L. Bokemeier, and Barbara Foote

Carl J. Cumber, reviewer
Beyond the Amber Waves of Grain: An Examination of Social and Economic Restructuring in the Heartland
Paul Lasley, F. Larry Leistritz, Linda M. Lobao, and Katherine Meyer

Geoffrey Grant, reviewer
Any Way You Cut It: Meat Processing in Small-Town America
edited by Donald D. Stull, Michael J. Broadway, and David Griffith

Elizabeth Evenson Williams, reviewer
The Prairie Winnows Out Its Own: The West River Country of South Dakota in the Years of Depression and Dust
Paul M. Nelson

Teresa Stallings, reviewer
Women and Power in Native North America
Laura F. Klein and Lillian A. Ackerman

Ellen Baird, reviewer
Becoming and Remaining a People: Native American Religions on the Northern Plains
Howard L. Harrod

Thom Langham, reviewer
Black Elk's Religion
Clyde Holler

Henry B. Sirgo, reviewer
Blacks in Rural America
edited by James B. Stewart and Joyce E. Allen-Smith

George Yancey, reviewer
The Area of Racism
Michael Wieviorka

Edward Belmares, reviewer
The Bubbling Cauldron: Race, Ethnicity, and the Urban Crisis
edited by Michael Peter Smith and Joe R. Feagin

Jack Niemonen, reviewer
The Bell Curve Wars: Race, Intelligence, and the Future of America
edited by Steven Fraser

Judy Merritt, reviewer
Rebellion from the Roots
John Ross

Mary Warner, reviewer
The New Middle Classes: Life-Styles, Status Claims, and Political Orientations
edited by Arthur J. Vidich

Charles Ogg, reviewer
Workfare or Fair Work: Women, Welfare, and Government Work
Nancy E. Rose

Lori Park-Smith, reviewer
Transforming Men: Changing Patterns of Dependency and Dominance in Gender Relations
Geoffrey Dench

Beth Traction, reviewer
Kitchens: The Culture of Restaurant Work
Gary Allen Fine

Susan L. Schrader, reviewer
Cancer Wars: How Politics Shapes What we Know and Don't Know About Cancer
Robert N. Proctor

Alma Martinez, reviewer
The Culture of Crime
Craig L. LaMay and Everette E. Dennis

Gary Cox, reviewer
Coercion and Punishment in Long-Term Perspectives
edited by Jean McMord

Cynthia L. Phillips, reviewer
Balancing Juvenile Justice
Susan Guarino-Ghezzi and Edward J. Loughran



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