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[Page] 2 Extending Knowledge, Changing Lives: SDSU Extension Marks 100-Year Milestone
[Page] 5 Preparing for SDSU Extension’s Future
[Page] 5 SDSU College of Agriculture & Biological Sciences Administrative Team [Page] 6 Summer College News
[Page] 7 Profiles In Leadership: Joseph Cassady; Local Leadership Important For Ag’s Future
[Page] 8 Advancing Agriculture: SDSU Precision Ag Program Evolves, Expands [Page] 9 On The Front Line: ADRDL Leads Important Effort For Animal Health Diagnostics
[Page] 10 4-H Philanthropy: Supporters Continue Campaign For New 4-H Exhibit Hall [Page] 11 Growing Global Citizens: AgBio Courses Offer International Learning Opportunities
[Page] 12 Guidance For Gardeners: Several SDSU Programs Help Foster Gardening Skills
[Page] 14 Research Revelations: A Snapshot Of Several Significant Studies Underway
[Page] 16 Notable
[Page] 17 A Message From The SDSU Foundation

Publication Date

Summer 2014


South Dakota State University


Agricultural Economics | Agriculture | Animal Sciences | Food Science | Life Sciences | Plant Sciences | Veterinary Medicine


Contributing Writers: Lura Roti,Christie Delfanian, Angela Loftesness, Lindsey Gerard Designer: Kristi Schelhaas
Photographyprovided by SD State Agricultural Heritage Museum Photographic Collection (cover images and pages 2-6); University Marketing and Communications; and SDSU Extension specialists and academic faculty.

Growing South Dakota (Summer 2014)



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