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[Page] 3 Opportunities With Oats SDSU Researchers Strive to Improve Varieties [Page] 6 Stopping Stem Canker Plant Pathologists Making Progress To Keep This Disease At Bay
[Page] 7 Disease Detectives Vet Scientists Researching Another Emerging Virus [Page] 8 Community Support Devastating West River Fire Brings Ag Industry Together
[Page] 10 Research In Progress Dakota Lakes Research Farm Investigates Three Big Ideas
[Page] 14 Water Quality Quest Understanding E. Coli Behavior Aims To Aid Water Quality In Rivers & Streams
[Page] 15 Verifying Ag Land Valuation Researchers Assist In Reviewing Ag Land’s Classification
[Page] 16 Cattle Insights Fetal Programming Research Evaluates Performance Parameters
[Page] 19 Battling Bacterial Biofilms Dairy Scientists Research Two Methods To Prevent Spore- Forming Microbes On Food Processing Equipment
[Page] 20 Beaver Benefits SDSU Ecologist Writing Book About Beaver Impacts On Landscapes
[Page] 21 Addressing Obesity Diet & Physical Activity Of Children Focus Of Research
[Page] 22 Research Recognition
[Page] 24 College News 26 Notable Discovery & Naming New Virus Officially Named influenza D
[Page] 27 Opportunities Abound for New Livestock Unit Staff
[Page] 28 Alum Reflects Kendra Hill
[Page] 29 A Message From The SDSU Foundation

Publication Date

Spring 2017


South Dakota State University


Agricultural Economics | Agriculture | Animal Sciences | Food Science | Life Sciences | Plant Sciences | Veterinary Medicine


Contributing Writers: Christie Delfanian, Joe Roybal, Lora Berg, Sydney Sleep Designer: Kristi Schelhaas
Photography provided by Emily Weber and Ruth Beck

Growing South Dakota (Spring 2017)



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