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Athletic identity is a foundational element of an individual’s self-concept and affects psychological, social, and behavioral characteristics. The purpose of this study was to investigate a women-dominated sport, roller derby, by exploring the relationships between athletic identity of women athletes and serious leisure pursuit in the sport. Participants were 578 women registered with the Women’s Flat Track Derby Association (WFTDA) who completed an online survey regarding their athletic identity. Hierarchical multiple regression analysis showed demographic variables (family income) were a minor predictor of participants’ serious leisure pursuit. Internal and external components of athletic identity were positively associated with participant’s level of serious leisure, while internal components (i.e. self-identity and positive affectivity) were stronger in predicting women athletes’ systematic leisure pursuit in roller derby than external ones. Results of this study support that roller derby provides an opportunity for women to enjoy a full-contact sport and develop identity as an athlete with strength and knowledge through their systematic leisure pursuit. Furthermore, findings suggest promoting roller derby programs or other untraditional female sports may foster greater engagement and greater commitment to sport and facilitate equality for women in sports.

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Journal of Amateur Sport





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Amateur Sport Research Center at the University of Kansas


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