Igniting Youth to Create Healthier Communities: Year 4 Policy Changes

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Objective: The growing rate of childhood overweight and obesity suggests a need for more effective obesity prevention programs. Community-Based Participatory Research (CBPR) is a collaborative approach to research that includes equal contributions from community members, organizational representatives and researchers in all facets of the research process. The approach allows participants to share their expertise in order to enhance knowledge and develop interventions that benefit the community. Ignite is five-year, multiple-state (Ohio, South Dakota and Kansas) program using the CBPR process to address overweight and obesity among 6–8th grade youth. As part of the Ignite program, virtual dialogues were held with key stakeholders (community leaders, school administrators, and adolescents ) who were actively involved in the CBPR project to identify policy and program changes attained during Ignite implementation.

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The FASEB Journal



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Abstract Number: 640.36

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