iCook: Lessons Learned about Recruiting Youth and Their Primary Adult Food Preparers for a 4-H Cooking Intervention

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Objective: Family dyads (n=61) of youth (9–10 years old) and their primary adult food preparers were recruited in 5 states to participate in a 12-week pilot test of culinary training, family meal involvement, and physical activity. Participants completed an online recruitment process survey reporting they heard about the research study from 4-H Program/Cooperative Extension leaders (41%), friend or family member (25%), school mailings (20%), researcher (5%), fliers (2%) or through other avenues (7%). Many youth (41%) had previously participated in 4-H youth programs. When adults were asked what made them want to participate, they reported desire to spend time with their children (82%), cook with their children (79%), learn how to have better meals (58%), learn how to be more active with their children (38%), learn how to grocery shop (23%), and other reasons (12%). Opportunity to develop family relationships and word-of-mouth recruitment appear to be effective strategies to pursue in future recruitment efforts for the intervention study. Researchers and Extension leaders formed partnerships for effective recruitment efforts.

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The FASEB Journal



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Abstract Number: 1063.18

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