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Volume 1 Issue 1

RUNNING FREE/Gerri Koretsky The 1977 New York City Marathon was easily one of the most impressive marathoning events in history. There was a great deal of attention to the international field of frontrunners. But more of the attention focused on people in the field who that day became marathoners.
AL ARNOLD/Bob Wischnia When marathons become too short to offer a real challenge there are few races to tum to in order to rekindle that challenge. Sometimes it requires that a runner make his own race-even if it is against arid desert, supreme loneliness and the boundaries of the runner's own mind.
DO OR DIE ON THE ROAD TO BRIGHTON/Hal Higdon In 1966 Hal Higdon traveled to England to report on one of the greatest marathoning events in the world. What he found there still makes good reading.
MARATHON TRAINING/Ron Daws The more theories of training for a marathon are paraded in front of a waiting public, the more confusing becomes the issue of what is right and what is wrong for the marathoner. Through all the confusion, though, there are some basic training techniques that always work.
ULTRAMARATHONING '77/Nick Marshall When the marathons of America become too crowded the next great surge will be to the ultramarathons. The field is not a virgin playground waiting for just anyone to come along and conquer it, however.
The lists of men and women who, during 1977, made noteworthy performances at 26 miles, 3 85 yards.
Topics of interest to marathoners discussed by those who know marathoning from the inside.
MARATHONING/Manfred Steffny
The first of a four-part installment printing of the outstanding Ger1nan volume on ''marathoning for everyone."

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Spring 1978


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