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Ranunculaceae : Delphinium virescens

Ranunculaceae : Delphinium virescens


Download Seed: The seeds of prairie larkspur are scaly. (80 KB)

Download Seedling: Prairie larkspur seedling two months after germinating. (71 KB)

Download Vegetative: The leaves of prairie larkspur are both basal and stem-borne. (77 KB)

Download Flowering: The flowers make up an inflorescence borne on a spikelike raceme. (40 KB)

Family Name


Common Name

Prairie larkspur


Delphinium virescens is a(n) perennial herbaceous, which grows 5 dm to 12 dm in height. This species is commonly found prairies and pastures in Minnesota, North Dakota, Oklahoma, Texas. The leaves are alternate. Delphinium virescens has white blue-white flowers that bloom from May to June.

Horticulture Notes

Seed Collection: Collect seed in Apr.-Jun.
Germination: Stratification
Vegetative Propagation: Division of rootstock in early spring or late fall
Soils: Sandy, loam, and clay
Light: Full sun to partial shade
Water: Prefers moist conditions

Ranunculaceae : Delphinium virescens