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Boraginaceae : Lithospermum incisum

Boraginaceae : Lithospermum incisum


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Family Name


Common Name

Fringed puccoon

Native American Name

Lakota: Peju'ta sabsa'pa


Lithospermum incisum in a perennial herb from a woody branched caudex, with stems prostrate to erect, 5–25 cm long and branched above, with many stiff straight and appressed hairs. The leaves are predominantly cauline, linear to linear-lanceolate with pointed tips, 13-45 mm long and 4-20 mm wide. The inflorescence may have flowers in the upper leaf axils or cymes at the branch tips. The flowers have green sepals 6–9 mm long and a yellow to yellow-orange funnel-shaped corolla 2–4 cm long, 7–12 mm wide at the top, usually with fringed lobes and the style slightly exerted. The fruit are nutlets 3–4 mm long. Fringed puccoon blooms from April to June on dry prairies, open woods and disturbed areas over much of South Dakota.

Additional Notes

Fringed puccoon is small, but colorful addition to a rock garden or along a border where it can bee seen.

Lakota name means black medicine.

Horticulture Notes

Seed Collection: Collect seed in June-July

Germination: Fall planting generally most successful, or soak seeds overnight in hot water before planting in spring.

Soils: Sandy, clay, or loamy soils.

Light: Full sun

Water: Dry

Boraginaceae : Lithospermum incisum