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Boraginaceae : Lithospermum canescens

Boraginaceae : Lithospermum canescens


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Family Name


Common Name

Hoary puccoon

Native American Name

Lakota: pȟežúta wahesa


Lithospermum canescens in a perennial herb from vertical taproot with erect stems, 12-35 cm tall, simple or branched above. The leaves are cauline, often ascending, lanceolate to elliptic, the tips obtuse, 20-55 mm long and 4-11 mm wide, covered with soft grayish white hairs. The inflorescence consists of cymes at the branch tips. The flowers have green sepals 4-17 mm long and a yellow to yellow-orange funnel-shaped corolla 7-18 mm long, 7–14 mm wide at the top, the lobes with entire edges. The fruit are smooth and shiny nutlets 3–4 mm long. Hoary puccoon blooms from April to June on dry prairies and open woods in eastern and southern South Dakota.

Additional Notes

Hoary puccoon is small, but colorful addition to a rock garden or along a border where it can be seen.

Horticulture Notes

Seed Collection: Collect seed in June-July

Germination: Fall planting generally most successful, or soak seeds overnight in hot water before planting in spring. Germination of seeds can be difficult.

Soils: Sandy, clay, or loamy soils.

Light: Full sun

Water: Dry

Boraginaceae : Lithospermum canescens