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Asteraceae : Townsendia exscapa

Asteraceae : Townsendia exscapa


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Family Name


Common Name

Townsend’s daisy, Easter daisy


Townsendia escapa is a perennial dwarf growing from a branched caudex, forming small mats. The stems are about 1 cm in height and inconspicuous. The leaves are simple, entire, linear-lanceolate, 1–5 cm long, 2-6 mm wide, with short stiff hairs and appressed hairs on their surfaces. The inflorescence is 1 or more heads, sessile laying among the leaves. The involucre is broadly campanulate, 1-2 cm tall with 4-7 series of bracts. There are 20-40 ray flowers, the ligules 10–22 mm long, white to pink. The yellow disk corollas are 8–10 mm long . The achenes are flattened, 3.5-6 mm long, pubescent and have a long bristly pappus. Townsend’s daisy blooms in early spring (April-May) on open dry plains in southwestern South Dakota.

Additional Notes

Townsend’s daisy is a small but attractive plant that adds character to a rock garden. They do best in areas of low humidity and sandy soils.

Horticulture Notes

Seed Collection: Collect seed in May when the heads look like dandelion puffballs.

Germination: Seeds will germinate with moist cold conditions.

Soils: Well drained sandy or rocky.

Light: Full sun to partial shade.

Water: Medium to dry conditions.

Asteraceae : Townsendia exscapa